Factory Tour

We appreciate your interest in our Factory Tours.  Since 2011 we provided FREE factory tours to help educate our community on the value chain of Cocoa and Chocolate.  Unfortunately due to higher cost of operations, we are unable to continue providing this service FREE of charge.

Factory Tours are now provided along with any paid event.

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Handcrafting chocolate is not easy and bringing forth our exquisite chocolate takes many hours and days. We believe that quality manufacturing should be shared with our customer, as such, The Truffle Factory opens its doors to group events throughout the year.

Our factory is divided into two sections: chocolate-making and artisan-chocolate creation. Our factory tours are extremely educational, highlighting the origin of cacao, growing regions and our farming practices.  During the tours, customers experience our entire manufacturing process, from roasting, winnowing, pre-grinding and refining; our goal is to provide a rewarding experience.

During the tour, gain knowledge on the art of making chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons.  We encourage everyone to schedule a tour to fully understand the difference between SPAGnVOLA and your traditional chocolates, allowing our customers to gain a much broader appreciation for fine quality chocolate.


*Single use per customer