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*Note: If bringing guests, please provide the number of guest (up to 10) in the notes section before submitting.



We do our very best to insure that every guest has a wonderful experience.  Our tours have become very popular and fill up quickly.  Our factory tours are FREE of charge, as such, our priority will be given to private events.  Your scheduled tour may include additional guests and will be limited to 10 guests at a time.  Although tours are schedule in 30-minute intervals, it is NOT guaranteed that your tour will start on time and you may have a 5-10 minute delay. 

Typically tours can last 30-45 minutes at a time.  We do our best to insure that each and every guest enjoys our factory.  Our Factory is down 2 sets of stairs. Wheelchair access is available in boutique but not factory, our apologies. Please bare with us as we are offering this service at no cost to our guests, as we believe we are offering an education on the history of chocolate, which brings forth a better appreciation for one of the most popular food on Planet Earth!  Hope you truly enjoy it.


*Note: If bringing guests, please provide the number of guest (up to 10) in the notes section before submitting.

360 Main Street Suite 101
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Phone: 240-654-6972

Handcrafting chocolate is not easy and bringing forth our exquisite chocolate takes many hours and days. We believe that quality manufacturing should be shared with our customer, as such, The Truffle Factory opens its doors every weekend for a FREE factory tour.

Our factory is divided into two sections: chocolate-making and artisan-chocolate creation. Our factory tours are extremely educational, highlighting the origin of cacao, growing regions and our farming practices.  During the tours, customers experience our entire manufacturing process, from roasting, winnowing, pre-grinding and refining; our goal is to provide a rewarding experience.

During the tour, gain knowledge on the art of making chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons.  We encourage everyone to schedule a tour to fully understand the difference between SPAGnVOLA and your traditional chocolates, allowing our customers to gain a much broader appreciation for fine quality chocolate.


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