International Institute for Cacao Studies


Join us on a journey and experience the History, Culture and Heritage of Chocolate.  Learn to make chocolate from the cacao bean to final product, while exploring a vertically integrated business from. Farm-to-Table.


To study the history of chocolate is to embark upon an extraordinary journey through time and geographical space.

The chocolate story spans a vast period from remote antiquity through the 21st century.  Historical evidence for chocolate use appears on all continents and in all climes, from tropical rain forests to the icy reaches of the Arctic and Antarctic.  The story of chocolate is associated with millions of person, most unknown, but some notables including economists, explorers, kings, politicians, and scientists.  Perhaps no other food, with the exception of wine, has evoked such curiosity regarding its beginnings, development, and global distribution.  But there is a striking difference:  wine is forbidden food to millions globally because of its alcohol content but chocolate can be enjoyed and savored by all.


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