Wine & Chocolate Social

SPAGnVOLA looks forward to hosting your personal or professional two-and-a-half hour private wine and chocolate pairing event in our Caribbean-styled boutique ($70 per guest - 20 guest m.)

Your evening begins with glasses of carefully selected wine for all that is sure to satisfy. You will meet SPAGnVOLA’s owners Eric & Crisoire Reid, CEO and head chocolatier respectively, who will treat you to an unforgettable chocolate factory tour…the ultimate night of entertainment and education.

During the factory tour you will learn about the art of making chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons. You will see the full manufacturing process, including roasting, winnowing, pre-grinding and refining . . . and have a taste as well; a truly rewarding experience. You’ll leave the factory knowing the difference between SPAGnVOLA and traditional chocolates, which we believe will broaden your overall appreciation of premium chocolates.

After the tour you will meet the featured Sommelier who will introduce you to three fine wines paired with three delicious Dominican chocolates . . . a unique tasting experience. You’ll also learn about each wine and its home vineyard. After the tasting . . . time to mingle.

Overview of the agenda:

These unique and personal events are great for:

 SPAGnVOLA is available to host intimate gatherings, corporate events, and private parties.

For additional information, please contact:
Nancy De Luca Stempel
(301) 788-3571

*Single use per customer