Chocolate Making Class

Chocolate Making 101 class:

$75 per Person (Limit to first 20 registered students)

Have you worked with chocolate before? Spend 2-1/2 hours learning and practicing chocolate crystallization techniques with our Head Chocolatier – Crisoire Reid. You’ll start with an in-depth factory tour where you will experience the chocolate making process from cocoa bean to chocolate, create basic chocolate Ganache filling, and learn create truffles and different dipping techniques. This is a great course for beginners and those wanting to gain a sound base knowledge of chocolate.



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Factory Tour

Students will take a 20min. comprehensive tour of “The Truffle Factory” gaining an understanding of the origin of SPAGnVOLA cacao from “cultivation to confection” our strategic farm-design in Hato Mayor Del Rey in the Dominican Republic and why we believe it leads to our chocolate flavors being unmatched anywhere else. During this tour you will experience the use of our specialized equipment, from roasting, winnowing, pre-grinding and refining our cacao beans into exotic chocolate. In conclusion, a sneak peek of our beginning stages of our Signature chocolate recipe with a palate pleasing tasting.

Tempering Chocolate

Upon completion of the factory tour, students will begin understanding the difference between crystallized chocolate and non-crystallized chocolates. Our Head Chocolatier will teach students how to bring chocolate into a crystallized state, through a technique called tempering, using an artisan approach on a granite table. Student will also learn about the environmental conditions that are critical in and necessary to obtain that perfection that is only attainable through artisan techniques. This hands-on step will have you applying for your next confectionary available position!


Making Chocolate Ganache

As a group, students will then begin creating a chocolate Ganache from scratch, utilizing either SPAGnVOLA Signature 62% Semi –Sweet or 54% Milk chocolate. Shortly thereafter students will use the Ganache to make truffles.

Palate Extravaganza!!! Tasting

You’ve earned it! While your freshly made truffles are being prepped for their trip home (if they make it that far), there still is palate pleasuring to be done. As the evening closes, yet your appetite has just begun to explore, we conclude with a tasting of SPAGnVOLA signature bon-bon’s/truffles. Gain an understanding of how subtle purees can elevate your senses, and pair the chocolate with matches made in heaven.


NOTICE: Due to high demand and limited class schedules, no refund will be issued for no-show or cancellation.  Registrants who notify us 48-hrs prior to event will be issued a future class credit.  Notification must be received via email at


Please show up promptly 15 minutes before class begins for attendance preparation