Head Chocolatier

Crisoire Reid is an award winning Chocolatier and co-owner of SPAGnVOLA.  Having been raised in her ancestral hacienda in Hato Del Rey, Dominican Republic. With her passion in land cultivation and agriculture, she began to focus her interest in improving the quality of their crops.

Crisoire spearheaded the perfection of aroma and flavor extraction through a meticulous proprietary fermentation process she named CiBEXO.

Crisoire understands that every cacao tree expresses its own characteristics and her #1 job is to highlight those characteristics in honor of what nature intended.

A graduate from the Barry Callebaut and Ecole Chocolat Academy, Crisoire is a Master Chocolatier with a keen understanding on merging aroma and flavor, while stepping back and allowing what has been endowed into each and every cacao bean to express its full potential.

Set to embark on empowering Women throughout the cacao growing region, Crisoire believes that the worlds best chocolates can only be crafted by those who grow cacao.  With a keen admiration, dedication and love, is the necessary ingredients to empower through capacity building which shall transform the course from poverty within the cacao growing region, into great wealth within those who have been powerless.

Crisoire is paving the way for SPAGnVOLA to become the worlds finest ultra-premium chocolate.


"Our chocolates are a piece of our land; you don't eat it, you 'experience' it and your soul becomes a part of our land.  We're not out searching for customers, we want an extension of our family"