Corporate Social Responsibility

A Focus on Quality & Values - In Three Fields of View

In our pursuit of the best premium chocolate, we consider “What will our grandchildren think?”  Our view is enlarged with this lens so we consider the long term implication of every business decision.  We examine the impact on quality, and how SPAGnVOLA’s values are reflected and magnified.

Our values guide all of our decisions, at every step, we are as intentional about responsible practices as we are about premium quality.    In addition to making the best premium chocolate, we are building a business based on our values that we hope will serve as a model and an inspiration to current and future entrepreneurs.  We make all of our decisions based on our values and long-term vision, not short term gain – from sustainability and premium quality to economic opportunity, education and community.


In the Environment

We practice sustainable farming.


With Economic Opportunity & Empowerment

Our farmers and employees are invested in the quality of SPAGnVOLA chocolate and the success of our business.


Through Relationships

We invite everyone to visit our factory and see our work.  Our transparency shows our pride in the natural resources, people, and artisan processes that yield SPAGnVOLA premium chocolate.