Our Team


Eric Reid - CEO / Founder

Mr. Reid was born in Panama; his great-grandparents came from the island of Martinique and Jamaica as many     within the Caribbean Diaspora in support and construction of the Panama Canal.  Educated in the United States,   Mr. Reid followed his passion of agriculture which lead him to the Dominican Republic where he met his wife Crisoire and ventured into agriculture investments.

Mr. Reid has extensive farm management experience, managing over 450 acres of private farmland cultivated with Mango, Oranges, Tangerines, Papaya, Avocado and Cacao trees.  Mr. Reid has extensive knowledge in cacao bean fermentation and drying.  In addition, to the post-harvest process and has pioneered a quality assurance process (Fine Flavored Quality Assurance – Circle of Excellence) which brings forth the best aroma and flavor from cacao beans.  Mr. Reid is a graduate of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy, and continues to immerse himself in the world of chocolate confections.   An expert in building relationships within the cacao community, Mr. Reid has built great relationships with experts across the global value chain.

Crisoire Reid - Head Chocolatier / Co-Founder

Crisoire was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Hato Mayor Del Rey.  Crisoire Reid is co-founder, owner and Head Chocolatier of SPAGnVOLA.  Mrs. Reid has a natural instinct and passion which brings forth unique blends of tropic fruit, together with chocolate, creating the world’s best truffles and bonbons.  Mrs. Reid has successfully graduated from the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in 2009 and also completed the Professional Chocolatier course with Ecole-Chocolat Academy.    Mrs. Reid pioneered the SPAGnVOLA signature blends and understands chocolate manufacturing and operations and is a key asset to our operations in the United States and leads our chocolate manufacturing and artisanal creation of chocolate products.  With a passion to create the world's best chocolates, Mrs. Reid also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.


Lic. Isabel Zorrilla – Vice President / Farm Management

Francisco Lopez – Vice President / Global Farm Management

Justin Brooks - Marketing Director

Eduardo Garcia - Business Development

Laura Brooks - Event Coordinator

Luzette King - General Adviser