Celebrate Valentine's Day With Chocolate

February 04, 2016

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Chocolate

It is a cool evening.  The two of you are walking down the street hand in hand.  Love is in the air as you enter through the doors.  The smell fills your nostrils with rich flavors that are not of this place.  You look at her and see her eyes light up as she steps closer to the counter.  Your eyes gaze at what she stares and you too are amazed.  

“Two please!” you ask in excitement.  

The taste is beyond your imagination.  

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with chocolates.  SPAGnVOLA creates the most exquisite premium Caribbean blends as showcased in our Passion and Love Collection.  New to our 2016 collection is the taste of Champagne.  A wonderful rich chocolate made of cacao beans from Dominican cacao beans infused with champagne Republic.  Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with SPAGnVOLA Passion and Love Collection.  To order click on our link below.  http://spagnvola.com/collections/valentine-s-collection

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