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SPAGnVOLA: Empowering Cacao Farmers

“So, one of the things that we have to remember is that God doesn’t make imperfection!” -
Eric Reid, SPAGnVOLA.

A philosophy that we hold dear to us is making the best out of the best and ensuring that the farmers that have and grow the best can cultivate and sell the best.  Being a farmer first, I have been given a God given ability to take the richness the cocoa beans have to offer and turn them into the best premium single estate chocolates.  To keep this ability to myself is a disservice to the farmers in countries that have quality cocoa beans; to keep the process to myself that has made me and my wife so successful.  

“At the end of the day that’s what we are here on earth, is to be able to empower others to be self-sufficient and have an opportunity that’s not been given to them before.  That’s the philosophy.  That simple.” - Eric Reid, SPAGnVOLA.

Visiting Ondo State, Nigeria I was able to share that process with local cocoa farmers, and others, so everyone can turn the lands precious commodities into their own products for consumers.  SPAGnVOLA’s philosophy is in correlation with Ondo State's’ Governor Mimiko and he wishes to see the most come from the land’s commodities, but it must start with the farmers.  I was fortunate to have been able to share SPAGnVOLA’s process so that farmers and countries can put forth the effort to ensure quality comes out of the farm.

Airmall adds Harbor Grille and SPAGnVOLA to BWI Marshall F&B offer

USA. Airmall has opened Harbor Grille and SPAGnVOLA restaurants at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI Marshall).

The SPAGnVOLA outlet, located in Concourse A, measures 100sq ft and offers an array of handcrafted chocolate bars, bonbons and truffles. In July 2016, SPAGnVOLA was named one of the top ten chocolate shops in the world by National Geographic.


SPAGnVOLA Amongst the Top 10: World's Best Chocolate Shops


SPAGnVOLA, United States

SPAGnVOLA husband-and-wife owners Eric and Crisoire Reid oversee entire chocolate process from farm to store, delivering unadulterated chocolate perfection. First they grow cacao at their farm perched on mountain slopes in their homeland of the Dominican Republic. The cacao pods are handpicked, then roasted and refined in their Gaithersburg, Maryland, factory. Take the free tour to learn about the origins of their chocolate and watch the kitchen’s magic. The award-winning 70 percent and 80 percent pure chocolate bars paint the clearest picture of quality, but don’t miss the boxed sets of olive oil truffles or caramel bonbons.Boutique at National Harbor and factory in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


SPAGnVOLA’s Single-Estate Chocolates Are Reinventing the Sweet Experience

Cuisine Noir Magazine

There is no denying the fact that Americans have a love affair with chocolate. What’s not to love? It’s sweet, it’s smooth and it melts in your mouth. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. Most of us never think about the arduous process required to prepare it for consumption, but Eric and Crisoire Reid, the dynamic couple behind the premium chocolate brand SPAGnVOLA (pronounced spang-vola), have built their life and legacy on it...



Unique Educational Field Trips

Have you ever wanted to make your own chocolate?  SPAGnVOLA gives you that opportunity.  As a guest you will tour our facility, learn historical facts about chocolate and much more on how SPAGnVOLA creates rich, premium chocolates.  Most importantly you get to make your very own gourmet chocolate product!


Our Events Package is a great outing for educators, students, families and friends.  Come enjoy a local, hands-on fine chocolate making experience.  Interested parties can contact us at  Our events coordinator will contact you on availability and final arrangements.  Further questions can be made directly to (240) 654-6972.  To learn more click on the link below


Honoring the Island of Hispanola

What is the best way to honor the island of Hispaniola, where the soil, seed and sun produces exquisite cacao beans?  We honor it by making the finest single-estate chocolates derived from the hands of our farmers.  This process starts in our estate in Hato Mayor Del Rey, in the Dominican Republic, where the conditions of the environment results in the richest soil of the mountain slope.  This process is how SPAGnVOLA designed chocolates for everyone to enjoy.

Today, SPAGnVOLA (pronounced spang-vola) meticulously produces the finest of chocolates the way it should always be done.  We cultivate and process our cacao beans by hand picking ripened pods, fermenting them, drying them and grading them ourselves.  We do this so that only the best pods make it to the United States where they are roasted and refined to bring out the finest flavor of the most exquisite premium chocolate.

SPAGnVOLA Sponsors We Will Survive Cancer in Fundraiser

Each year a non-profit organization is selected to participate in the SPAGnVOLA Non-profit Partnership Program.  We’re looking to engage with organizations whose missions are congruent with SPAGnVOLA’s business philosophy and vision. 

This year SPAGnVOLA is sponsoring We Will Survive Cancer.  We Will Survive Cancer (WWSC) is a 501(c)3 not for profit, tax exempt organization whose purpose is to provide support to families of cancer victims who lack the time, financial, or other resources to adequately address their needs.  We Will Survive Cancer addresses the many needs of families such as child care, family counseling, managing finances and general assistance to the families of cancer victims. 

We Will Survive Cancer examines the needs of such families and steps in to assist; but to do so, we need donations.  On February 27th at 6 PM, We Will Survive Cancer will be honoring cancer survivor Ginger Vuich at the Celebration of Life Mardi Gras Event at McCormick and Schmicks Seafood and Steaks located at 1625 K Street NW, Washington DC.  Entrance donations of $125 will have you enjoying a five course Cajun dinner with wine pairing, after February 22nd the cost is $150.  To get more information visit

Individuals and corporate sponsors can also help support We Will Survive Cancer when visiting SPAGnVOLA boutiques or shopping our online stores and using the code WWSC2016 during the time of the fundraising campaign.  10% of the total amount from this campaign will be donated to the organization We Will Survive Cancer and supporting families of cancer victims. 

Interested non-profit organizations please contact Nancy De Luca Stempel at or click here for an application.


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