SPAGnVOLA Amongst the Top 10: World's Best Chocolate Shops

July 06, 2016 1 Comment

SPAGnVOLA Amongst the Top 10: World's Best Chocolate Shops


SPAGnVOLA, United States

SPAGnVOLA husband-and-wife owners Eric and Crisoire Reid oversee entire chocolate process from farm to store, delivering unadulterated chocolate perfection. First they grow cacao at their farm perched on mountain slopes in their homeland of the Dominican Republic. The cacao pods are handpicked, then roasted and refined in their Gaithersburg, Maryland, factory. Take the free tour to learn about the origins of their chocolate and watch the kitchen’s magic. The award-winning 70 percent and 80 percent pure chocolate bars paint the clearest picture of quality, but don’t miss the boxed sets of olive oil truffles or caramel bonbons.Boutique at National Harbor and factory in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


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Doreen Pendgracs
Doreen Pendgracs

November 27, 2016

Very happy to have included SPAGnVOLA in my list for the National Geographic article. I really admire what you folks are doing. The quality and creativity of the chocolate creations, your continuing dedication to your homeland in the DR, and the chocolate success story you have created in the US all work together to make SPAGnVOLA one of my favourite chocolate companies.

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