Single-Varietal chocolate is considered the most flavorful and aromatic chocolate one can truly appreciate, Every cacao tree has a story to tell, and our quest in discovering and uncover those stories for the true aficionados is our mission. 

Fine flavor cacao trees produce between 1-4 pounds of cacao beans per year, equivalent to 10-50 1-ounce chocolate bars.

Unique chocolates are those derived from single-estates, where harvest and fermentation protocols are assured.  Deriving at "Single-Varietal," meaning, chocolate from a single tree, we must adhere to very strict standards and protocols, including micro-fermentation and drying techniques.

At Hacienda de SPAGnVOLA, we have over 500 identifiable single-varietal cacao trees, and knowing thier genetic traits, and how those traits influence flavor and aroma.

We promise you that once you savor single-varietal chocolate, you will never see chocolate the same again!

Single-Varietal chocolate is limited each year, please enjoy while supplies last.

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